Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Journey & Transition" Exhibition closes at White Water Gallery

The two person exhibition "Journey & Transition" has just closed as the gallery season itself closes at White Water Gallery in East Hardwick, Vermont. The gallery will re-open in Spring when the weather gets warmer. I have moved the work out of the gallery, and am looking forward to moving the pieces into the new studio. For now many of the pieces return to the walls of my home, comfortable to occupy the walls where some of them have lived for years. My space becomes once again familiar, each piece has it's place and serves as constant inspiration, comfort and visual feast.

The foundation walls are up on the building that is my dad's living and studio space, and my studio.
I am still packing up the old studio and my tools and materials - the yearly ritual to preserve liquids from freezing and everything else being ransacked by mice. One year they ate my metallic Sennielier oil pastels, the expensive ones!!! Why they would be possessed to chew oil impregnated with metals is beyond me. What stays in the building goes into mouse proof tubs, and I am hapy to think that this yearly ritual, and my stopping production of artwork over the winter season, will end with the new studio space, and begin with work continuing over every season. What joy in that thought.

It snowed this morning, a beautiful reminder of the season to come. I love the fall colors with the contrast of snow - oranges and yellows with the dark bark and softened delineations of line and form. By mid morning the snow was gone, melted in a mist of rainy wet hills, beyond my vision of fog and damp cool air. Last night V shaped squiggly lines of geese could be seen and heard overhead. Fall.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Photo's from "Journey & Transition" at White Water Gallery

Final days of my exhibition "Journey & Transition" at White Water Gallery

More photo's of my exhibition. It was great to have such a flurry of work preparing for this show, I worked an entire 33 days straight with two days off. Now there is a lull as I pack up the studio for the winter and next week, take down the exhibition at White Water. As the building progresses I still think it will be Spring when I am able to move into the space and begin to work and with Spring comes a new beginning in celebration.