Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New work at White Water Gallery

Spirit Boat:narwhal's journey
Lian Brehm
papier mache, plaster, bamboo, powder pigment

Spirit Boat:guardian offerings
Lian Brehm
papier mache, plant stalks, digital image, plaster, ink, graphite

Spirit Boat:night landscape
Lian Brehm
papier mache, plaster, ink, coal

Spirit Boat:meridian point
Lian Brehm
Papier mache, plaster, copper, paint, powders

These are some of the new pieces in my Journey and Transition exhibition with Phillip Robertson at White Water Gallery, East Hardwick, Vermont.

The pieces are on sculpture stands, which is new to my work as I used to create wall sculptures. The stands provided in the gallery were narrow, and Doug and I found that the wood decking that was previously from my outside studio deck was perfect to use - the perfect color gray, with lichens, and how appropriate that is came from my studio! There are red tipped lichens growing on the wood under the narwhal piece, although you can't see them in this photo angle.
Many of the artwork in this show are for sale P.O.R. (price on request) contact James Tuescher at White Water Gallery 802-563-2037 or send a message to me.

I'll post more soon. Thanks for visiting!

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