Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doors in January

Interior doors, including pocket doors.
Mahogany doors.

In this photo you can see the bathroom door leading to the kitchen/dining space, and the Forbo Marmoleum "Asian Tiger" insert in the "Sunny Day" flooring.

This is the half bath round flooring insert. Both sides of the half bath have pocket doors, one leading to the hall right off the caregiver room, for anyone staying in that room to use. The other side is into the jewelry studio, very convenient for dad to get to while working in the studio.

Mahogany doors. Right now the doors are solid, but we may cut windows at the top of them to let light in. Hollow core doors do not have many window options, so to customize the windows we will do this work later. The emphasis is to get dad in as soon as we can.
The front exterior door will be different and is coming from Washington state.

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