Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More photo's of second floor studio flooring

Met with Andrew Meyer today, owner of Vermont Natural Coatings, in Hardwick, VT to discuss my studio flooring color. I am looking to add color and protection to the new spruce flooring for my studio and I would love to have the floor be a spring green color, like new grass- refreshing and light. Initially I researched staining the floor but there is not a company that makes a translucent stain in a light lime like green color in a water soluable base. I looked into earth pigment powders that are mineral based- and thought about staining the floor myself, then coating it with some sort of sealer.
Vermont Natural Coatings is a new start up company, a spin off from Vermont Soy based here in Hardwick, and they are making floor and furniture finishes that are water soluable and no VOC from cast off whey product from Cabot Creamery. They are just beginning to offer a line of tinted Poly-Soy finishes. Andrew was very knowledgeable about how finishes work on wood, penetrations of material and how they wear. I brought a small sample of watercolor colored spruce and we looked at a Pantone colors on the computer. I will research what color comes closest to what I want to achieve and get back to them. I am happy and honored that such a company is so near to us, and am excited to be working with them for this venue.

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  1. What great progress. Will you be working in this studio soon?