Saturday, January 22, 2011

Upstairs Studio Flooring and January Update.

As slow as it seems, there are tiny important incremental changes going on in the building. The central vacuum is in as well as the emergency pull station connections, and a sprinkler system.
On the second floor studio, the flooring is going down- Siberian Spruce, rough cut, like a barn floor. I still have to experiment with semi transparent stains- as I would like the floor to have some color, most likely a soft light green tint. The floor will get a little sanding, as it is so rough it would hold all the sawdust, plaster dust etc. 60-80 grit should do it.
We had approximately nine visitors from Yestermorrow Design Build School, in Warren, VT visit last week, with a thermal imaging camera and lots of questions. It was fun to show off our energy efficient building choices and they seemed very impressed!

Next up will be finishing loose ends so we can insulate the entire building; i.e pressure testing the upstairs floor radiant and getting some heat upstairs into the tubing, a thousand loose ends. All this must be done before the insulation is pumped in, since the ceiling and walls will not be accessible after that. We are not happy with the pace, but the holidays came into play, a trip to NY to clear snow and check on the house, and Doug has been working other jobs. It is what it is. Rushing any faster would inevitably cause some mistakes to be made.

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